A Raw Food Diet Review Uncovered 7 Benefits For Everyone

A raw food diet review uncovered 7 benefits for everyone and I’m going to list them, but first, let me explain what a raw food diet is. A raw food diet consists mainly of uncooked foods like fruits and vegetables – in other words, no animal origin food types are consumed. Though, depending on your lifestyle, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products might be included.Recent mainstream scientific studies list the following 7 benefits of a raw food diet:1) Can lower your risk of developing breast cancer,2) prostate cancer,3) and diabetes.4) Stronger, healthier bones.5) Significant healthy weight loss…6) and a sustained weight loss.7) Blood test results have shown better levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, and lipid levels, lowering your risk of heart disease.

A study on the raw food diet that was conducted over a 2 year period by Lenka J. Zajic (has a Masters Degree in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, US) proved some interesting results. Zajic’s study shows a drop in overall stress levels, and a decrease in the amount of sleep needed to feel well rested. Zajic claimed that “There seems to be no question that, at least initially, eating a raw foods diet can reduce or cure many health complaints.”This study seems to prove that you truly are what you eat, and that food really does affect your health… thus your overall appearance. It’s been stated that many who are on this diet noticed a marked improvement in their skin and hair. Their skin started glowing and their hair gained a natural shine.Apparently, by eliminating processed foods, refined flours, hydrogenated oils, food dyes, and preservatives, as well as cooked food toxins from your diet you’ll not only sleep better with fewer hours but that you will also have more energy throughout your day!It seems that by giving your body a vacation from dealing with these taxing foods, it will have time to heal itself. That healing is said to take many forms, but the most common is losing fats, especially around the mid-section, thighs and bottom.Why, you ask?

Studies show that fat is a safe place for the body to store acids and toxins that build up from eating the Standard American Diet. When you stop eating that way, your body doesn’t have toxins to store any more. It even has time to break down the existing toxins stored in the fat. Once the toxins are broken down and gotten rid of, the body doesn’t need fat as a safe storage place. Being magically wise, the body simply lets that unnecessary fat go!How would your moods be different without exposure to the hormones in animal products? Is it depression, PMS, or ADD? Or does the potpourri of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, dyes, flavourings and preservatives affect these conditions in ways we cannot yet understand?Do you want to find out?